Upgrade Your Home Entertainment with Outdoor TV's

Backyard covered patio with an Outdoor TV and seating area.

Experience Your Media in Any Area of Your Outdoor Spaces

Why keep your entertainment contained within your Oak Brook, IL home’s interiors? When you have an incredible outdoor setup and backyard spaces that are perfect for hanging out and hosting the ultimate gatherings, you’ll want to take advantage of them!

Outdoor TVs can create a theatrical atmosphere in any area of your property. But what if the sun is fiercely shining midday and casts a glare? Or the shaded porch causes your screens to glow with a headache-inducing brightness?

The beauty of 4K ultra high-definition outdoor TVs is that you experience the luxuries of indoor displays in any corner of your backyard that you desire without sacrificing quality in the slightest. Experience a reliable audiovisual performance every time!

Learn more about upgrading your outdoor setup today by reading on below!

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Where You Could Benefit From Smart Lighting

A well-lit home with a well-manicured lawn and fireplace after dark. There are trees in the background, and the house is a modern style.

Smart indoor and landscape lighting adds convenience and style to your home

Light affects how we perceive the world, so it is no wonder that it is the technology we use most. So why not make it easier with a smart control system? Automated lighting is a fantastic way to simplify control of your home. Brighten every room in your house with lights that are customized by color and intensity.  

Smart lighting isn’t limited to just indoors. Spend more time outside when you upgrade your living spaces with technology that adds convenience and beauty to your life. Outdoor lighting is an elegant way to illuminate your property after dark. With just a press of a button, your backyard will come to life. Check out these three spaces that would benefit from indoor or landscape lighting in Oak Brook, IL!

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3 Outdoor Speaker System Myths And Why They’re Wrong

A group of people standing in a circle and giving cheers with wine on a porch. Several doors are open and lead inside.

Our outdoor entertainment specialists break down several misconceptions about outdoor audio

How much time do you spend outdoors? Going outside does more than help you to relax after a long day of work. Research shows that time spent outdoors increases your Vitamin D production, reduces cortisol levels, and relieves muscle tension. So if you are looking for ways to spend more time in your backyard this summer, consider installing an outdoor entertainment system to keep you engaged while improving your overall health.

Unfortunately, several misconceptions surround outdoor audio video solutions. However, our experts bring you peace of mind throughout the installation process and beyond! If you are hesitant about taking the plunge, read this blog to dispel three common myths homeowners in Oak Park, IL, believe about outdoor speaker systems.

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Terrace with dining table, fireplace and outdoor smart TV.

Enhance your home entertainment with a smart TV specially designed to withstand the elements

Want to make your outdoor time more enjoyable? Adding an outdoor entertainment system that has both audio and video lets you make the most of your outdoors. In addition to your outdoor amenities like the patio, pool, and outdoor kitchen, an audio system and an outdoor smart TV complement your spaces and make them even better. 

With the summer season here, consider adding an outdoor smart TV that allows you to enjoy videos, movies and gaming fun in the fresh air. Read on to learn more about what an outdoor TV brings to your time outdoors at your Elmhurst, IL home. 

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Which Is Best for Landscape Lighting: LEDs or Halogens?

A large stone house with landscape lighting and an outdoor patio and pool space.

Find the Best Brightness and Color Temperature for Your Outdoor Spaces 

Are you ready to revamp your home’s landscape lighting? Or install a system for the first time? 

Landscape lighting has the power to dramatically enhance how your home looks and feels after dark, accentuating architectural details and landscaping. Not only is outdoor lighting visibly appealing, but with more visibility, you’ll protect your home from burglaries and accidents. 

As lighting designers and installers, we get asked many questions about landscape lighting. People are often perplexed about which lights are best for outdoor use: halogen or LED bulbs? It may seem like a low-stakes choice, but the lights you choose can dramatically affect your outdoor lighting experience (and energy use!). 

Here’s all you need to know for your River Forest, IL home. 

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