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2 Ways Building Automation Can Impress Your Clients


Your Office Should Stand Out from Your Competitors

Smart automation is transforming work environments across the globe. When automated office devices are integrated into your building, you can expect to give your employees a comfortable work setting and reduce energy costs with a full range of high-tech systems. 

Once you have installed a reliable network in your building that provides a strong and secure signal, you can integrate lighting, AV systems, and environmental controls under one system to encourage collaboration as well monthly utility savings.

Our customers in Hinsdale, IL, have found that integrating smart building technology into their office space has greatly improved employee productivity and client satisfaction.

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How Monthly Monitoring Boosts Your Home Security


Get Professional Support When You Need it Most

As we near the end of the year, your home is likely to be visited by many delivery people dropping off gifts for family and loved ones.

To make sure these packages are delivered securely, and to keep you and your family safe, integrating monthly monitoring into your smart home security system is perhaps the best way to optimize your technology.

Once a wide range of devices like motion sensors, AI cameras, and smart locks have been integrated into their security systems our clients in River Forest, IL, rest easy knowing that their families and properties are protected.

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Outdoor Lighting Control Has Never Been Simpler


Discover the best locations to place your outdoor lighting in River Forest, IL

Are you looking for a way to make your backyard more inviting after the day ends? Well, your search ends here because outdoor lighting control is the answer. Choosing the right outdoor kitchen lights will make a lasting difference in the area outside your kitchen. Lighting is no longer merely about light fixtures and bulbs, but also proper control using advanced lighting technology. Outdoor kitchen lights make your life more comfortable and convenient in many ways. They make your home more appealing and welcoming; outdoor lighting lights up a home and makes it look inviting and bright, regardless of the time.

When it comes to lighting the outside of your home, you need to decide which part of the house you should fix the lights on. Outside the garage, outside the kitchen, the entrance of your home, the backyard, and the pathways are just a few examples of the places you can select. Read on to learn more about outdoor lighting control in River Forest, IL.

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What You’ll Need for the Ideal Home Theater


Embrace New Technology for an Immersive In-Home Theater Venue

Your home theater should reflect your style, with unique lighting and designer seats, and deliver a viewing experience that exceeds that of a commercial venue. With the latest in film projection and audio equipment, you can do just that.

With high-end AV receivers, 8K projectors, and speakers, you’ll be able to enjoy a theater venue that offers an amazing viewing and listening experience.

The home theater design experts at Acoustical Vision in Riverside, IL, can help you install the kind of high-end audio and video technology that will turn your home entertainment system into a true movie theater.

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What To Consider When Selecting The Perfect Rooftop Speakers


Pick the perfect outdoor audio system for your Elmhurst home with these tips

To transform your rooftop space into an audio haven, you will need to get the right rooftop speakers. Blasting your indoor speakers to get the sound to cover an outdoor space is inconvenient for you and your neighbors. With the right outdoor speakers, you can enjoy the best audio experience without being a nuisance. Rooftop speakers, like other outdoor audio systems, differ from regular indoor speakers because they are weatherproof and mountable on a variety of surfaces. As such, they can be installed in an appropriate arrangement to cover your entire space and will survive over an extended period exposed to outdoor weather elements.

Now let’s look at some of the main considerations to keep in mind when shopping for the best rooftop speakers in Elmhurst, IL.

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