What You’ll Need for the Ideal Home Theater


Embrace New Technology for an Immersive In-Home Theater Venue

Your home theater should reflect your style, with unique lighting and designer seats, and deliver a viewing experience that exceeds that of a commercial venue. With the latest in film projection and audio equipment, you can do just that.

With high-end AV receivers, 8K projectors, and speakers, you’ll be able to enjoy a theater venue that offers an amazing viewing and listening experience.

The home theater design experts at Acoustical Vision in Riverside, IL, can help you install the kind of high-end audio and video technology that will turn your home entertainment system into a true movie theater.

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Deciding Which Kind of AV Technology Is Right For You

The display in your home theater will be the focal point of the room. Sony’s 8K projectors and OLED televisions will provide you with crystal-clear imagery that the filmmaker originally intended you to see.

Our installation experts can help you choose which is right for you and will also be able to determine the proper placement of your projector or flatscreen once they gather the dimensions of the room where you plan to install your home theater.

If you go the projector-and-screen route, they’ll also guide you on the ideal screen. Go with an ambient light rejecting screen that will deliver optimal contrast. Retractable screens are also great in multi-purpose environments where you’d like technology hidden when not in use.

Your screen choice will even impact your theater’s sound performance. Some screens include miniature holes so you can place speakers directly behind them. The film’s soundtrack comes rushing at you through these tiny, unseen perforations. This is exactly the kind of technology and design you will find at a real theater.

Our AV experts will integrate high-end speakers—like those from Klipsch and Triad—and place them strategically around the room to create a three-dimensional sonic environment. You’ll hear sound coming at you from all sides—including above—to create a truly realistic viewing experience.

Modern Home Theater Design Must Be Fully Automated

Just like the rest of today’s home technology, from lighting to security systems, your audio and video entertainment should also be integrated into your smart home system, giving you instant access to all of your online video platforms, digital libraries and Blu-rays.

The only difference from watching a movie at the cinema to one at home is that there will be no previews before the feature attraction.

Make your theater as comfortable as it is exciting. With dedicated scenes saved into your automation system, you can take your seat, press a button, and the sound will rise, the lights dim, and the projector comes to life all at the same time.

For this to happen, your installation team should make sure that your home network has the capacity to integrate all of your AV components so they can operate in full synchronization.


If you’re ready to take your home entertainment system to the next level, contact one of our installation experts here and we can help you design the perfect home theater.

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