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4 Ways Lighting Controls Can Help You Feel Safer at Home

Exterior of home illuminated with stairway lighting and entry lights.

Lighting Controls Perfectly Complement Your Home Security

Picture yourself on the couch one evening, bundled up in your favorite, coziest blanket, and watching a movie that honestly has made you jump a few times. When the movie is over, you turn off the lights and walk upstairs to your bedroom. In the past, if you had watched a scary movie at night, you may have been slightly hesitant to enter a dark room. However, with your lighting controls, the space has already been illuminated for you. You can quickly see that you are alone and safe - no surprises hiding here.

It’s quite a phenomenon how light can make us feel safer. Of course, it’s not a shield or anything that can protect you; however, just being able to see what’s in front of you and under your feet gives you a certain peace of mind.

Security is one of the top reasons homeowners install lighting control systems. Continue reading to learn how lighting controls can help you feel safer in your Chicago, IL home.

How to Save Energy with Smart Lighting Control


The Right Lighting Control Solution Optimizes Your Energy Savings

We live in a time where more and more people are conscious of their impact on the environment. Evidence can be seen in the efforts to construct and operate buildings in a more energy-efficient way. Many homes are becoming greener as homeowners implement energy-efficient technology solutions, such as smart heating and cooling systems and motorized window shades that can help reduce their energy use and carbon footprint.

One thing that most homeownersdon’t realize is that lighting can be the most significant energy drainer in the home. But with a smartlighting control system, you can mitigate this wastewith energy-efficient LED bulbs, lighting schedules, and remote access management. Keep reading to learn more about the energy-saving benefits of lighting control for your Chicago, IL home.

Enhance Your Condo With Distributed Audio And Lighting Control


Discover the benefits of incorporating home automation into your Chicago area condo

We now live in the era of technology, and our condos are intertwined with smart devices. The integration and implementation of modern technology is, without a doubt, a priority. Your apartment is no longer only a place to sleep; it’s your temple, and you need to make sure that it has everything it might need to be up to date with modern trends. Let’s take a look at what you might want to consider when installing lighting control and home automation in your Chicago-area condo.

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