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4 Ways Lighting Controls Can Help You Feel Safer at Home

Exterior of home illuminated with stairway lighting and entry lights.

Lighting Controls Perfectly Complement Your Home Security

Picture yourself on the couch one evening, bundled up in your favorite, coziest blanket, and watching a movie that honestly has made you jump a few times. When the movie is over, you turn off the lights and walk upstairs to your bedroom. In the past, if you had watched a scary movie at night, you may have been slightly hesitant to enter a dark room. However, with your lighting controls, the space has already been illuminated for you. You can quickly see that you are alone and safe - no surprises hiding here.

It’s quite a phenomenon how light can make us feel safer. Of course, it’s not a shield or anything that can protect you; however, just being able to see what’s in front of you and under your feet gives you a certain peace of mind.

Security is one of the top reasons homeowners install lighting control systems. Continue reading to learn how lighting controls can help you feel safer in your Chicago, IL home.

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Entry Lighting

Coming home to a dark house can send tingles down your spine, whether you were gone for an hour or a week. But coming home to an illuminated pathway, exterior home lights, and even a lit entryway can make you feel welcome and safe.

Lighting controls allow you to schedule light actions while you are away. Make sure your guests feel welcome by scheduling exterior and pathway lighting to turn on at dusk.

Set Timers

Timers are a terrific option for security while you are away. For example, scheduling house lights to turn on and off throughout the evening will make your home appear as though someone is there, a tactic many homeowners use to deter a criminal intrusion.

Of course, there are many other uses for timers at home. Perhaps you enjoy dimly lit lamps in your living room in the evening to set a calming mood before dinner, or you have children who would like certain nightlights on while they fall asleep. Timers have many uses that can help improve your safety and comfort at home.

Remote Access

With a lighting control system, you can access your lighting from a smartphone or tablet. This accessibility can come in handy if a family member accidentally leaves lights on or you would like to turn lights on before you get home.

Security System

Lighting controls can add a layer of protection to your home security system. For example, you can install motion-activated sensors outside your home by a garage or outdoor storage area to detect any suspicious activity. In addition, you can subscribe to receive security alerts on your smartphone if the lights are triggered.


Lighting controls can offer homeowners many conveniences, but they can also help you feel safer at home. If you are interested in learning about lighting control options for your Chicago, IL home, please reach out to the Acoustical Vision team for more information - we won’t keep you in the dark when it comes to lighting controls!

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