2 Ways Building Automation Can Impress Your Clients


Your Office Should Stand Out from Your Competitors

Smart automation is transforming work environments across the globe. When automated office devices are integrated into your building, you can expect to give your employees a comfortable work setting and reduce energy costs with a full range of high-tech systems. 

Once you have installed a reliable network in your building that provides a strong and secure signal, you can integrate lighting, AV systems, and environmental controls under one system to encourage collaboration as well monthly utility savings.

Our customers in Hinsdale, IL, have found that integrating smart building technology into their office space has greatly improved employee productivity and client satisfaction.

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1. Video Technology Increases Your Brand Value

When giving a video presentation in the conference room, it’s never a good experience for your client when there’s a technical glitch or your video starts to buffer. Using HD screens that are connected to a strong office network ensures this never happens.

With the integration of smart technology, you’ll be able to easily connect and display content from your computer, a smartphone, or even remote employees. This ability to share content seamlessly increases engagement with clients and gives remote workers the ability to collaborate effectively.

Video walls, a high-tech display for digital signage, are created from multiple panels and arrayed onto a large screen. These are excellent for displaying your brand in common areas of your workspace, but they can also be used for multimedia presentations and video conferencing in a boardroom.

Other types of video walls can serve as interactive touchscreens so that colleagues can collaborate in the office using the same business data and materials.


2. Smart Office Lighting Control

Few people realize how much lighting affects people’s moods. But lighting can have a powerful influence on your employees and your customers.

Installation experts can design a lighting scheme for you inside your conference rooms that instill confidence in potential clients. And at the same time, the lighting can be programmed to a setting in a common workspace that feels bright, so employees feel energized.

Using motion detectors, lighting can turn on automatically when employees walk into different rooms. And with advancements in integration systems, they can also operate the lights as well as AV systems from an app on their smartphone. So, if they wanted to show a client a presentation in a conference room, they could simply dim the lights and start the video with one button press.

As the end of the workday rolls in, your office lighting can be programmed to turn off as the last employee leaves for the day, lowering your utility bills and reducing your carbon footprint.

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