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Protect Your Home and Loved Ones with Integrated Security

A backyard and pool area with an overlayed image of two hands holding a Control4 touchscreen and arming the alarm.

Keep Your Home Safe During the Holidays with a Smart Home Security System

With the holidays just a few short months away, you may be making travel plans, scheduling flights and pet sitters, and preparing your home. One thing you don’t want to leave for the last minute is your home security. In light of the recent burglaries, it’s more important than ever to ensure your home is safe and secure, whether you’re far or near. 

In September 2022, the Oak Brook, IL, Police Department reminded residents to be on the lookout for suspicious activity as residential burglaries have been reported in the area. They recommend that you ask for credentials when someone attempts to enter your home, lock your house and car, and set your alarm before leaving.

At Acoustical Vision, we employ the latest technology to help homeowners increase their security and well-being while effortlessly managing their homes. To accomplish this, we partner with industry leaders in home automation and security like Control4. 

Let’s explore how you can enjoy the holidays with greater peace of mind knowing your home is safe.


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A Watchful Eye

Today’s home security systems enable you to check on your home and loved ones no matter where you are. Our certified technicians can install high-performance security cameras in your home’s most vulnerable areas, giving you visual access 24/7. You’ll receive alerts when movement is detected, someone enters the house, or when a family member leaves and inadvertently forgets to lock the door or set the alarm.

You can pull up live video from your mobile device to see what’s transpiring and if it warrants a call to law enforcement. From this same app, lock the doors and secure the alarm effortlessly.

Keep an Eye on Packages

One of the visual clues burglars use to target homes is packages or empty boxes left on the curb after the holidays, letting them know what valuables may be inside. To deter this type of intrusion, don’t put your boxes out until trash day and set up a system that allows packages to be placed in your garage when you’re away.

Our security systems will send an alert when someone arrives at your door. If it’s the dog walker, you can greet them through the two-way intercom and unlock the door. If it’s a delivery driver, you can unlock the garage door and ask them to leave packages inside. If it’s a possible intruder, remotely turn on the floodlights and let them know they've been spotted.  

An Integrated Security Solution

A Control4 home automation platform lets you manage all of your home's smart devices and systems from one user-friendly interface, including security, lighting, climate, entertainment, and more. When you’re away, the system turns your lights, TVs, and music on and off, mimicking your family's behavior and making your home appear occupied. 

As a State of Illinois Licensed Private Alarm Contractor and Control4 dealer, Acoustical Vision is here to protect you and yours. To learn more about smart security systems or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Acoustical Vision today.

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