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How to Choose the Right Equipment For Your Home Theater Installation

Home movie theater with sectional seating, projector and screen.

Create an Immersive Home Theater to Enjoy For Years

If you’re ready to plan a home theater installation, look no further than the expert team at Acoustical Vision for assistance. We would enjoy working with you to select the ideal audio and visual equipment to make your home theater the best experience it can be.

When working with our team, we will ask you about your goals and how you plan to use the space, so we can send you on the right path to ensure you get the precise experience you want.

Please continue reading for some of the major items to consider when planning your River Forrest, IL, home theater installation.

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When selecting audio for your home theater, we’ll ask you about your preferences, the types of entertainment you want to watch, and your budget. Then, we will consider all of your responses and advise you on the best solution for you.

Audio options could include a multi-channel surround sound system or a customized 3-D sound experience with Dolby Atmos, THX, or a similar immersive sound system. All are great options and will make your movies come to life.


Next, we’ll look at your video options. We’ll ask you about screen size preference and whether you prefer a large-screen TV or a 4K or 8K laser projector. We can direct you in the direction of TV brands we prefer for the best performance and help you understand the best display screens to use for projection. We want you to be happy with your video choices, so we’ll ensure you have an opportunity to learn about the most current trends and options.


While not part of the main feature, your home theater lighting is part of the excitement. Lighting has a way of setting the stage with the excitement of going to the movies.

We’ll also want to explore your room to see how much ambient light is coming in from outside, and we can help make suggestions regarding motorized blinds to reduce the glare from any windows.

Smart controls

Of course, if you’re going high-tech, you will probably want automation of critical features, including your audio, video, temperature, lighting, and perhaps motorized shades. With the power of a smart control, you can press one button and bring your movie magic to life. We are a fan of smart control and automation, and they are a must in the modern home theater for the best entertainment experience.


One area that is often overlooked by home theater shoppers is acoustic treatment. Acoustics can make a significant difference in the quality of the sound in a home theater. We can assist you in optimizing your space for enhanced audio quality. These options include carpet installation, special acoustic wall or ceiling panels, or even the right curtains to use. A proper analysis of your room acoustics and calibration of your audio system are essential to get the immersive sound you expect in a home cinema. 


This is just a high-level overview of some major considerations for a proper home theater installation. Are you ready to start your project? Contact us for expert design and installation services for your River Forrest, IL, home theater.

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