Upgrade Your Home Entertainment with Outdoor TV's

Backyard covered patio with an Outdoor TV and seating area.

Experience Your Media in Any Area of Your Outdoor Spaces

Why keep your entertainment contained within your Oak Brook, IL home’s interiors? When you have an incredible outdoor setup and backyard spaces that are perfect for hanging out and hosting the ultimate gatherings, you’ll want to take advantage of them!

Outdoor TVs can create a theatrical atmosphere in any area of your property. But what if the sun is fiercely shining midday and casts a glare? Or the shaded porch causes your screens to glow with a headache-inducing brightness?

The beauty of 4K ultra high-definition outdoor TVs is that you experience the luxuries of indoor displays in any corner of your backyard that you desire without sacrificing quality in the slightest. Experience a reliable audiovisual performance every time!

Learn more about upgrading your outdoor setup today by reading on below!

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Optimize Your Outdoor Spaces 

From the porch or patio to the garden or pool, there are endless possibilities for optimal outdoor TV placement. Fire up the grill and host a pool party while playing a family-friendly film for everyone to enjoy while they swim or take a break to eat. An outdoor screen near the pool isn’t anything to worry about - these screens can withstand the harshest of weather, so a rogue splash from the pool won’t impact its performance at all.

You can even tailgate in your own backyard, immersing yourself in the great outdoor weather as though you were in the actual stadium. A crystal-clear display will bring your team’s gameplay to life, letting you catch every last moment of play and commentary. Want your movie night to stand apart from the rest? An outdoor TV can create a cinematic atmosphere at the press of a button. 

Full Sun vs. Partial Sun Screens

A main concern for homeowners is how their outdoor TVs will perform outside. In the sunnier areas of your yard, the sun’s glare could ruin a movie or game in the most crucial of moments! And without the ability to move your TV, you’d have to wait for the sun to move and the view to right itself again. On the other hand, shadier spots mean a too-bright TV could create a hazy glow for your eyes that’ll leave you rubbing them and blinking in irritation.

The great news is that outdoor TVs come in different models - “Full Sun” and “Partial Sun.” Their names give their purposes away! A Full Sun outdoor screen is meant for the spaces across your property that are hit with more sun throughout the day. Porches, patios, garden areas, and any uncovered area are prime examples. These screens are built to withstand the sun’s rays and provide a screen brightness to combat them! The end result is a screen you can enjoy when the sun is at its highest.

And for those shadier areas such as a screened porch or covered patio or deck, or even a pergola in any area of your yard, a Partial Sun screen is the perfect solution. You’ll view your media at just the right brightness that isn’t too overwhelming - but is effortlessly easy to see.


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