Start Smart with Construction Pre-wiring for Your New Home


How Pre-wiring Lays the Right Foundation for Home Automation

Building a new home is an exciting process. You’re able to design a space that functions for your family and provide the appeal you want. Certain aspects of construction can wait until the walls are up, such as painting, flooring, kitchen and bathroom tiles, and other aesthetic features. But if you want to have a smart home in River Forest, IL, then construction pre-wiring is a must.

Like all the other aspects of the building process, the key to a successful smart home is planning. Read our blog to see how new-construction pre-wiring is the right choice for a fully automated home. 


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What’s Involved in Pre-wiring?

It would be odd if your new home came without plumbing. What if it wasn’t wired for electricity? Just think of the labor it would require, and expense, to plumb or wire a home that was already built. Most people do not realize how much wiring goes into building a home. The same is true for a smart home. To have a robust home automation system with security, networking, and AV, it’s important to have a strong pre-wiring foundation.

If you’re building a new home, it’s the perfect time for it. Although a home automation expert can retrofit for smart technology, it’s ideal to do it before the walls go up to save you time and money. The first step is to determine the technology you want and where you want it to be available. Do you want smart lighting, motorizes shades, a security system, outdoor AV, or a home theater? Maybe you want it all!

An expert from Acoustical Vision will help you plan the cabling you need for your indoor and outdoor areas. We communicate and coordinate with your architects and builders to get the cables in place before the next step.


Why Use a Smart Home Expert?

Before hiring an electrician to pre-wire your building for home automation, think again. They can run wires for electrical switches and outlets, but most smart home wiring is low voltage and altogether different. For instance, running a speaker wire alongside electrical cable could cause problems with your AV system. And there are many other factors to consider well – ones that an electrician may not know. You might save a few dollars now, but you could end up paying for it (and more) in the long run.


What Systems Should You Pre-wire?

Nearly every smart home system can benefit from pre-wiring – even wireless ones. After all, wireless devices must eventually “connect” with equipment that is cabled. The systems that should be wired when you build a home include:


Home Networking

Even though most homeowners use a wireless connection for home networking, a robust wiring framework must be behind it. By hardwiring access points and switches, you’ll strengthen the signal throughout your rooms and property, preventing Wi-Fi dead spots and lagging.


Security System

Lots of cables – both inside and out – go into pre-wiring a security system. That’s because security components, including cameras, sensors, and intercoms, must have a reliable connection. Even though there are wireless security options on the market, hardwired ones offer the most dependable protection possible.


Entertainment Systems

The last things you want to see when you’re watching a movie in your home theater or listening to your whole-home music are a bunch of wires! Pre-wiring for an indoor and outdoor entertainment system is a must, as all cabling for your components is discreetly hidden behind walls. By pre-wiring all the Dolby speakers and displays not only do you get better quality from your media, but you’ll also enjoy centralized control of your devices by seamlessly tying everything into a home automation system.


Lighting Control

It’s all about seamless, smart control. If you’re considering smart lighting, you need wires connecting the lights, keypads, and dimmers to your remote power panels. Then you’ll be able to manage the lighting system from one device using a touchpad, smartphone, or even voice assistant, like Alexa.


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