4 Ways to Improve Audio Quality in Your Backyard

When you bring a speaker outside, does it sound tinny and quiet, despite how it sounds indoors? It’s time to upgrade your outdoor audio. Here’s four tips for superior audio in Oak Brook, IL.

Make Every Day a Party with High-End Outdoor Audio

Wouldn’t it be nice to enjoy your favorite songs outside with the same sound quality that you enjoy indoors? But all too often, our portable speakers can hardly reach across the lawn without requiring you to crank the volume. The sound quality on most portable speakers is tinny and thin, lacking the details that feel so powerful when you listen on indoor speakers. 

Many homeowners try to blast their garage or porch speakers in hopes that they’ll be heard at the other end of the yard. But the deafening sound is uncomfortable for anyone near the stereo and may not create as far a range as you’d hope. 

If this is your experience, it sounds like it’s time to upgrade your outdoor audio! With the right equipment and installation tactics, you can install weatherproof speakers across your lawn that deliver high-fidelity sound year-round. 

Here’s how to get the best sound in your Oak Brook, IL backyard!  

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• Build a Series of Outdoor Speakers 

Just like surround sound is only possible with several speakers, you’ll only be able to hear music across the lawn with multiple outdoor speakers. We use speakers from reputable brands that are fully sealed from the elements and extreme temperatures. Your outdoor speakers can stay outside through rain, snow, heat, cold, and whatever Illinois weather has in store for us. 

Audio is tricky to replicate outdoors because the lack of walls and reflections means sound fades and becomes washed out. But if you install a series of outdoor loudspeakers, you’ll fill in any audio gaps and won’t need to turn up the volume. Your neighbors will thank you for that!  

Outdoor speakers are available in a variety of sizes and models. If you want something more discreet than larger loudspeakers, small satellite and rock speakers will blend into your landscaping seamlessly. 

• Add an Outdoor Subwoofer 

If you love hearing the bass in music, you might notice a dramatic lack of low notes in outdoor audio, especially if you install outdoor speakers with small drivers. Luckily, audio manufacturers are a step ahead, and you can install partial-burial subwoofers in your outdoor spaces. An outdoor subwoofer delivers low sound frequencies for delicious bass notes that make rock and hip hop so special. 

• Play Music in Mono

If your audio is set to stereo, you might only hear the right audio channels by the hammock and the left side by the pool. You’ll miss an entire half of the music!

Instead, try switching to mono on your amplifier or running a mono setup on audio software. Mono mixes left and right channels into all speakers so you won’t miss a single moment. 

• Improve Your Audio Formats  

When listening to music outdoors, do some parts sound quieter than usual? You can fix this issue by ‘normalizing’ audio files, which compresses sound levels to be more even. If you have an iTunes library, you can create a separate version of playlists that are normalized for outdoor playing. If you prefer to stream music instead, services like Tidal, Qobuz, Apple Music, and Deezer offer lossless audio formats for superior sound quality, which can be helpful in unpredictable outdoor environments.

Are you interested in outdoor audio? Acoustical Vision designs and installs outdoor sound systems customized to your home and lifestyle. Contact us here to learn more and get started today!

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