3 Surprising Things an Alarm.com Home Security System Can Do


Make the Most of Smart Home Security for Better Peace of Mind 

Home security has gone next level. Instead of surveying the aftermath of a situation and doing damage control, with smart home security, you can get ahead of potential incidents to prevent them from happening in the first place. 

When you implement a smart home security system like Alarm.com into your Hinsdale, IL home, which ties everything from cameras to lights to door locks and more into one intuitive platform, you’ll experience improved peace of mind like never before. Discover the possibilities below. 

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SecurYour Home with Lighting Control 

When we think of a home security system, we often think about cameras and alarms. But Alarm.com is much more than that. With Alarm.com, you can integrate other vital home devices to work alongside your cameras and alarms for improved security. For example, when your cameras detect motion on the front lawn, your exterior floodlights can turn on to deter potential intruders. You can also use the Alarm.com app to monitor lights while away from home. If you’re still away from home after dark, open the Alarm.com app to remotely turn on your porch light. For hands-off control, manage lights with automatic schedules 

Integrate Your HVAC System for Temperature Control 

Alarm.com home security also offers convenient control of thermostats. For example, if you have a wine cellar and the temperature becomes too warm or too cold, temperature sensors in the room can trigger your central thermostat to dial back to the ideal temperature. Additionally, you can program your thermostats to change to an eco-friendly setting when you leave the house to save energy. Change in temperatures or humidity can also be a sign of a deficiency, such as a burst pipe. When this happens, your security system can send you a real-time alert of the issue so you can act fast to resolve it.  

Locking Controls Lets You Decide Who Gets In 

One of the coolest advances in home security systems is the integration of smart door locksAutomatic door locks can lock upon entry and exit, be programmed with biometrics so only authorized users can open and close them, and connect to your automation system for remote access management. This means you can let it in early guests or a delivery person to deliver a package using an app on your phone. In case of a fire, you can have all the locks in your home open automatically so everyone can evacuate quickly. This type of convenience means you don’t have to rush home or manage all the entrances and exits in your home individually.  

Take your home security system into the future. To learn more about Alarm.com for your home, contact our security experts here or use the live chat box below.

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